Bamboo Decorating Ideas, Bamboo Home Decor Photos, Eco- Friendly Pictures


Natural matting makes a great tropical decor accent whether it be used indoors or outdoors. It is cool and calming and adds a unique texture to ceilings, walls and large furniture. Here is some great decorating ideas:

Cabana matting used on ceiling and Low wall  


Bamboo matting under 4-Pole Tiki Hut

 Bac Bac matting used as window treatments

Bamboo matting accenting a kitchen island


Bamboo fencing has a way of making your backyard look more like a resort than a residence. It strays from the ordinary and adds a unique look to a space. It is surprisingly affordable and much easier to install than the standard wooden fence. Bamboo garden/edging border is also an affordable way to add a natural finished look
to a walkway, garden, flowerbeds, water fountains or any other landscaping project.
Here is some creative ideas for fencing and garden border:

Bamboo fencing used for privacy on small patio  

Bamboo garden border for landscaping

Bamboo edging accenting a water fountain

 Mahogany bamboo fencing framed in wood


There is a natural balance found in structures and furniture that are made with thatch and bamboo. Thatch materials add a relaxing tropical feel and can be used to cover roofs, tiki huts, umbrellas and even walls and tables. Bamboo poles have a variety of uses. They can be used structurally or as grand accent pieces for interiors. Below is a photo showing a structure with a Mexican thatch roof atop a bamboo pole structure. The ceiling underneath the thatch roof is made with bamboo matting weave. The fencing in the back is created using bamboo poles.


 Black bamboo poles used to accent a bathroom

Bamboo tiki bar with thatch roof

Bamboo poles add a unique style to this restaurant 

  Bamboo poles used as a lighting fixture (how cool!)



Bamboo Paneling is a cost effective way to add nature and beauty to any decor. Bamboo paneling can be used to wrap around posts, to cover walls, ceilings, bars, kitchen island fronts, wainscoting, etc. In addition to being easy to install and cost effective, our bamboo paneling is flexible, making it the ideal wall covering material. The bamboo strips are also very durable and can be used either indoors or outdoors.  Bamboo slats also have a variety of uses. Eco-friendly, flexible, and durable, bamboo slats can be used as baseboards for ceilings and walls, wainscoting, or facades for tiki bars and cabinetry. Create any pattern of your choice by installing slats diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Here is some great examples of bamboo paneling used in home decor:

Tortoise bamboo paneling makes a great ceiling cover


Green Burnt Paneling accenting a kitchen island


Bamboo slats used as bathroom back splash

Bamboo slats used as a ceiling for Tiki bar

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