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Our high quality bamboo flooring is beautiful and will increase the value of your home. Now priced as low as $1.99 per square foot. We supply 3 types of bamboo flooring: Strand Woven, Horizontal Cane and Vertical Cane. Stand Woven Flooring is a process where the bamboo is separated into strands and then pressed together using a high-pressure heat press and a low VOC adhesive. This makes for a very durable flooring that will last for years. Horizontal Cane Flooring is created using wide strips of bamboo that allow the grain to show through, including the "nodes" or "knuckles" that mark the joins between stalks. Bamboo knuckles create character because no two pieces of horizontal bamboo flooring will be exactly alike. This flooring is typically used with homes that use a rustic decor. With the Vertical Bamboo Flooring, the bamboo strips are turned on their sides (picture a bunch of 2x4 boards placed with the thin side up and pushed together). The knuckles are not visible but there are many more seams than with horizontal bamboo flooring. The vertical flooring has a more consistent pattern and coloring and it is better suited for homes with a modern decor.
Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Click HDF 8mm- ONLY $1.99 a Square Foot!

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Bamboo Flooring- HDF Strand 10mm ONLY $2.99 a Square Foot!

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Bamboo Flooring- T&G 72" Solid Strand Wide Plank Hand Scraped 12mm- NOW only $4.59 a Square Foot!

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Bamboo Flooring- Click Engineered Solid Strand Vertical and Woven 14MM- As low as $2.49 a Square Foot!

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$61.75 - $93.34

Bamboo Flooring-Click Engineered Horizontal 14MM- As low as $2.49 a square foot

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$61.75 - $79.12

Bamboo Flooring SAMPLES-8MM

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Bamboo Flooring Samples-10mm and 12mm

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Bamboo Flooring Samples-14MM

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